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Admiral Pioneer: 5 things you should know

Ever wanted to work at a start-up, but don’t know where to start?

What if you could be part of a start-up, enjoying the culture and pace, but have access to the security and resources of a FTSE 100 company? Working at Admiral Pioneer offers just that.

What is Admiral Pioneer?

Admiral Pioneer is a new entity within the Admiral Group, with an objective to seed, launch and scale new independent businesses, in order to positively impact society and solve long-term problems. We aren’t an incubator, we are building a dynamic and energising environment which facilitates all the excitement and freedom of a start-up, with the support and stability of an established organisation.

Gain start-up experience at Admiral Pioneer

Our aim is simple – build new businesses to meet customer needs in new and better ways. To do this, we need people with fresh ideas and the drive of entrepreneurial spirit. We’re looking to grow our teams within Admiral Pioneer, so if you're passionate, driven, and eager to work in a dynamic environment, this could be the perfect place for you. We're not just a workplace; we’re a launchpad for your career in the dynamic world of start-ups.

Heard of Veygo? In 2021, we brought them into the Pioneer structure and are developing some new propositions being launched over the next few months that will power Veygo into its next stage of growth. We have also been building a new business serving the small business trade sector.

Here are five things that we should know about Admiral Pioneer, directly from the COO, Russell Fisher.

1. We are a business that builds businesses

Our aim is to build businesses that will grow in independence as they scale, providing them with the space and support to mature- success looks like a portfolio of scaled and profitable independent businesses. To meet our ambitions, there is no point in just launching ‘me too’ products into existing markets we want to launch innovative start-ups in brand new markets. To do this, we are looking at growing trends and changes around the world and developing products that best serve our customer’s needs in the changing landscape of how we live.

2. We are building from the ground up

We want to ensure that the businesses we build have the best possible DNA to help them succeed and scale fast. And we embed new technologies, capabilities and ways of working in everything we do. Our businesses are designed around our customer needs (using Service Design disciplines), powered by data and employ market-leading cloud-based and digital technologies.

3. We are exploring opportunities that go beyond insurance.

Clearly we want to leverage all the advantages of Admiral and our businesses may well start where customers know us best, insurance. However, we also want to understand and anticipate the products and services our customers require as the world changes and take advantage of changes in legislation (e.g. Open Banking/ Insurance) and technology to create experiences that delight our customers. Not all our products will be brand new, but even amongst existing products, we will pioneer the way we offer them.

We’ve defined three key areas that we want to focus on:

  • Mobility, as we develop products that cater for new modes of transport and the changing space of travel and transport (e.g. electric vehicles, smart cities, new modes of mobility)
  • Future of Work, supporting small businesses and consumers to adjust to new ways of working and the automation revolution (e.g. segment-specific solutions, hybrid working, gig and freelance)
  • Living to 101, designing products that cater for the reality of us all living longer and fuller lives (e.g. Physical and Financial Wellbeing and how these needs transition through life)

4. We enjoy the best of both worlds.

As part of the Admiral Group, we are able to leverage the huge benefits of a trusted enterprise, accessing the resources, knowledge and support of a hugely successful company, once founded as a start-up.

However, as an independent business, we have the agility, mindset and culture of a start-up. We are a small but growing team, able to be flexible and dynamic, working in short sprints towards our goals. We work together as a team to develop our ideas and businesses, working hard to see them establish and grow. Pioneering is not easy and we don’t always have the answers but we believe that by picking a problem that really matters to customers, truly understanding it and then building a solution that solves the problem and delights the customers is what makes the difference. This is what made and continues to make Admiral stand out in the insurance sector.

Combining these two cultures has created a fascinating and unique landscape to work in, and we believe it is one of the key factors in our success so far.

5. We are actively hiring

We need top talent to innovate, create, and problem-solve. Do you have what it takes? As a leader in fostering groundbreaking ventures, we offer unparalleled experiences for those seeking start-up jobs in the UK.

We are looking to recruit enthusiastic and talented individuals from across all industries in the areas of analytics, data science, service design, agile working, digital and engineering, to work alongside inspirational founders with passion in our three domains. We are a fast-moving organisation, pushing to innovate and challenge, and we are looking for like-minded individuals to join us.

What we are trying to achieve isn’t easy, but that’s what makes it an exciting place to work. We need people who are highly analytical and highly creative, people who look at problems and see solutions, moving fast to create answers.

Ready for something exciting? View our available jobs within Admiral Money and apply today!


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