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MBA Future Leaders Program 19/20


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About the Future Leaders Program

“We are not here to mass-recruit. We don’t bring in a big group of MBAs and then hope for the best ones to emerge and the others to leave us.

What we are looking for is a handful of special individuals who are seeking a personalized experience that will give them opportunities, challenges, and freedom to explore – ultimately, for them to become the future leaders of this FTSE100 company. 

Yes, we do insurance – bet you think it’s boring? Most of us thought that too. But then we discovered Admiral and the strategic opportunities and challenges of the industry – one where you can really make a difference. And we never left…

If you are curious, pragmatic, nice to work with and are not afraid of making your own way, we want to hear from you. We need leaders who want to have impact - and we’ll help you get there.”

~Admiral – Building CEOs, one at a time~


So who are we and what can this role offer you? 

Admiral Group is a FTSE 100 financial services company, with a market cap of over £6bn and operations in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, the USA, Mexico, India and Canada. A  great company culture is integral to who we are, and in 2019 Admiral was voted the best big company to work for in the UK by the Sunday Times. Founded by two INSEAD MBAs, our company highly values the insights, ideas, and experience that an MBA brings, so we are always on the lookout for talented people to drive our business forward. 

In the UK, the role reports directly to our Group CEO designate, Milena Mondini, and focuses on three areas – strategy, new ventures, and product – both in the UK operations and internationally. You’ll be working as an internal senior strategy consultant for CEOs and senior management to solve real business problems. No prior knowledge or experience in insurance or financial services is required - rather we look for the willingness to learn and develop yourself in the role, as well as leverage your past experience and skills. You’ll also have the opportunity to work on projects based in our international offices in France, Italy, Spain and the USA

Working as part of our MBA team means taking ownership from day one – we expect you to run your projects autonomously and produce tangible business results - going above and beyond to make a meaningful and sustainable impact. You’ll need to deliver value to our business, be able to make decisions, and always be on the lookout for improvements and innovative solutions. This is a role at the forefront of pioneering change and you will need to use your initiative, creativity and leadership to make it happen!

If you impress us after 12 months on the program, we expect you to move into a senior position within the company, setting you up for a successful, rewarding and exciting career with us.  

Most of Admiral’s CEOs and many of our most senior managers started their Admiral careers in this role. 

Visit our Future Leaders Linkedin page to read more about the program and get to know our current MBAs. 


Project scope includes:

The three key focus areas for projects are: Group strategy, new ventures, and product development. 

Specifically, this may include:

  • Assessing new ventures - either an extension to an existing business line, or something entirely new to us
  • Reviewing the organic growth potential of new business ideas (both high level strategic analysis and detailed financial planning)
  • Supporting in-country management teams in solving real business problems
  • Providing leadership to help share best practice across the group
  • International projects


Main Responsibilities

You’ll be expected to:

  • Work together with the company's senior executives to understand the key strategic issues facing the business
  • Act in a very entrepreneurial way to provide outcomes, methods and procedures on new assignments
  • Provide an expert resource on strategy development for the business, including involvement in and collaboration with various teams to proactively suggest potential projects
  • Structure and execute operational and strategic initiatives by developing work plans, gathering and synthesizing relevant data, analyses and developing final recommendations
  • Communicate findings and share results with senior management and the broader organization
  • Drive proposals through to implementation and final results
  • Work together with various stakeholders to take products from ‘test and learn’ into ‘production’ phase



You could be based in either Cardiff, Paris, Rome, Seville, or Richmond, Virginia (USA). We usually recommend spending an initial six-month period in our HQ in Cardiff to get familiar with the business at Group level and to network with our senior managers and CEOs. However, this can be discussed based on personal circumstances. 


Specific requirements of the role: 

  • MBA from a top business school
  • Fluent English (verbal and written)
  • Proven experience working in an advisory role, either in a consulting firm, as an in-house consultant or in a demonstrably similar setting (project based, financial and strategic analysis, exposure to senior management, etc)


Desirable traits and attributes: 

  • Entrepreneurial mindset and a keen interest in developing businesses
  • Analytical and strategic skills, but also pragmatic and results-oriented
  • Ability to take responsibility for your projects, whilst still collaborating effectively with colleagues across the business
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Willingness to roll up your sleeves and get involved
  • Appetite to work across the Group’s international operations
  • Personality and a sense of humour (we believe work should be fun!)
  • Passionate about making things happen
  • Fluency in one of our operational languages (French, Italian, Spanish) would be a bonus


About the Recruitment Process

To apply for this role, you will need to submit your application online and attach your CV together with cover letter. You’ll also need to enter some personal details. 

If your profile looks right for us, we will invite you to complete an online mathematical test, similar to the numerical portion of the GMAT exam. 

Following this, and depending on your score, you would be invited for a first stage Skype interview with our Executive Recruitment Team. 

If you impress us during this first interview, you will be invited for up to two additional Skype interviews with members of the Business Development Team.

The final stage of our process is an assessment day, which consists of 3-4 interviews with senior managers split over 2 days. This would usually take place in the office within which you'd prefer to be located, however, we are currently running this stage virtually due to COVID-19.


**Start dates are flexible - we will work around your graduation date as well as the current circumstances surrounding Covid-19**


Salary, Benefits and Work-Life Balance

We do not have a set salary for this position, as it will be dependent on the successful candidate's experience. We are happy to see CVs from all candidates who meet the requirements, and will be happy to discuss the remuneration package.

At Admiral, we are proud to be a diverse business where we put our people and customers first. We have great benefits to ensure employees have a great work-life balance; it's one of the reasons we're voted no. 1 in the 2019 Sunday Times Best Big Companies to Work For in the UK. We want you to have an element of freedom to define a working lifestyle that supports this, so accommodate flexible hours wherever possible.

If you would like to be considered for this opportunity, please complete an online application form.

Please note, we are unable to accept CVs via email.



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Admiral Life

MBA Mentoring Support at Admiral

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When we recruit MBAs we are looking for a handful of special individuals who are seeking a personalised experience that will give them the opportunities, challenges and freedom to explore. We believe mentoring should not but one set program, but it should be tailored to the needs of each individual that works with us. MBAs have the autonomy to make an impact and we are here to support you in an environment where you will ultimately be making the decisions in the projects you work on.Simon (INSEAD 2010) joined Admiral in 2019 on the Future Leaders Program. We spoke to him about the mentoring support he received as an experienced MBA through his first year before recently stepping into his new role as CFO of Admiral Pioneer. Mentoring support"I joined the Future Leaders Program with several years of post-MBA experience, so in my first few months, the main thing for me was to focus on doing my job well and not be micromanaged by an overbearing mentoring system. Marisja (Head of International Business Development and Investor Relations) did an incredible job tailoring her management style to my situation as someone who completed their MBA a few years before joining Admiral.What I needed, was support on very specific things, like help to unblock a particular issue, or just to bounce ideas off. I felt like it was very much led by me." I got all the support I needed, and none that I didn’t. And that was good. Simon Flynn Experience working with the CEO “In terms of learning from the CEO, it was one of the things I experienced in the first six months. David (Group CEO) had been invited to a meeting by an external company that wanted to partner with us, and he asked me to join him as he knew I was interested in this area.We went to the car park and jumped in his car and, whilst I was navigating on Google Maps, he drove us to this meeting about half an hour away. That was a really good experience - I was very impressed that even as a fairly new MBA employee at Admiral, I was on the CEO’s radar. The meeting itself was another fantastic opportunity to learn alongside the CEO. I don't know of many places where that happens quite so easily.” Feedback and progression  “As I was coming towards my one-year anniversary, I reached out to seven or eight leaders in the business to get some feedback. This included David (Group CEO) and Cristina (UK CEO), who agreed it had been a very successful year. I wanted to have an open chat about how I might make the next year even better and where I might be best placed to work in the future. I always found people very available for that kind of conversation, which I think is hugely valuable.” Support and a personalized experience  At Admiral, it is up to you make your own career, but you will be supported in an individualised way to make it happen. Simon Flynn "This is one thing that really does distinguish Admiral from other MBA programs: we think about the individual and tailor the experience to each person. That is different from some of the big consulting firms, where the programs are very set. Here, there's an option to say “You know what, I would love to go to Spain for a year to learn about claims!” for example.I have received a truly tailored experience; in my case, I didn't want any international projects, because I've spent so much time overseas in my career already. So, my preference was to stay in the UK, and that was listened to from the start, even going back to the recruitment process.All in all, I can thoroughly recommend the Future Leaders Program – both if you’re a recent MBA, but also if you have several years of post-MBA experience like me. It’s tailored to you and will allow you to build your own career path from the start."

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Connie  Hogg


Connie Hogg

Connie  Hogg


Connie Hogg

What does it take to be a great leader? - Henry Engelhardt (CEO Emeritus)

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We often hear how Henry Engelhardt, Founder and CEO emeritus, has inspired many people: both inside and outside the Admiral Group - whether that is from working with him closely, or from simply hearing one of his many memorable speeches. So, we wanted to share a small insight from a recent talk he gave at INSEAD in May 2020. "Admiral is moving into the future. Next year, Milena Mondini, will take up the reins of Admiral when she becomes CEO. It will be the first time in our history that we won’t be run by one of our founders. As we transition to this new era, we are looking for the next generation of leaders, business builders, and managers. We need people who are bright, hungry, intelligent, and decent. That’s why we keep coming back to recruit MBAs from some of the best business schools in the world. Milena needs the strongest people she can find to take Admiral to the next level. There are no barriers to what Admiral can achieve. There are no blinkers on what businesses we achieve it in. For those of you, who see Admiral as an Insurance company, I say: that's what we mostly do now. But the future? Who knows? We’re looking for people who can be great leaders, managers, business people, and people. We don’t really care what industry you’ve come from. In fact, in many regards, knowing little or nothing about insurance can be an advantage.    Whatever your experience, we’re looking for people who can take nothing and make something; we’re looking for people who make teams better; we’re looking for people who can inspire and motivate those around them; we’re looking for people who can grow into being great leaders. Why not you? So, what does it take to be a great leader and manager? One – make great decisions. This involves gathering and interrogating data.  Two different skills, both very important. It involves teamwork – the buck stops with all of us, not any single individual. The team, the team, the team. And, ultimately, it involves decisiveness. To make a great decision you must make a decision!Two – be great with people. This means understanding some of our simple philosophies, like "If people like what they do, they’ll do it better" – so we go out of our way to create a culture where people really like their jobs. It means understanding how important you are to the people you manage. Understanding how important little things, like saying good morning or goodnight, are. It means being a great communicator.  Three – be creative. This means you have to do things differently to succeed.  Something has to be different; either the offer to your customers, your product design, the way you manage the process, the way you get more energy from your people…something. Great managers are very creative: they push others to see opportunities and ideas that would normally get buried in a corporation. If you can be great at those three things you can be a great leader. But there’s no formula.  It’s not a recipe. If it was, we’d all just read it and become great leaders. It takes a lot of hard work. A lot of thought. And there is one special ingredient that is different in everyone’s recipe: you. We’re all different from each other and that means we all bring something special to the party.  I went to a good high school and did well, but not top of my class. I went to a good but not exclusive university. Again, I did well, but not top of my class. A few years later, I completed my MBA at INSEAD, one of the world’s leading business schools. I didn’t make the Dean’s List. What I’m trying to say is that I am not, by any means, extraordinary. So, if I can achieve what I’ve achieved, so can you!" 

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Henry Engelhardt, Founder and CEO emeritus, has inspired many people: both inside and outside the Admiral Group. So, we wanted to share a small insight from a recent talk he gave at INSEAD in May 2020.

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Katharina  Gil Mast


Katharina Gil Mast

Katharina  Gil Mast


Katharina Gil Mast

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As one of our four pillars to our culture, Reward and Recognition is extremely important. We believe that happy staff make happy customers, so we have a huge range of great benefits to make sure everybody has something to smile about! Here are a few of our more popular ones.




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