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Centre of Excellence in Wellbeing

We are delighted to announce that we have been recognised by the GPTW Institute as a Centre of Excellence in Wellbeing. 

Having been named a Great Place to Work for 20 consecutive years by the Great Place to Work Institute, the workplace culture specialists have also recognised us specifically for our approach to wellbeing in the workplace for a second year. 

Recognition as a centre for ‘Excellence in Wellbeing’ depends on employees completing the Great Place to Work Wellbeing Index survey designed to measure the levels of wellbeing in the workplace. We have conducted an Annual Staff Survey every year since 1999 because we believe it’s important to ask the people who work for Admiral Group what they are happy or unhappy about. This is a significant achievement, and we are extremely proud to have been recognised for our commitment to creating the best environment possible for our employees.

Our employees scored us high in several areas including Mental and physical health, Fulfilment at work and Financial security. Employee wellbeing is a key element of an organisation’s culture; given the challenges we’ve all faced in 2020, it’s important now more than ever that our employees know this hasn’t changed.  

The Great Place to Work Wellbeing Model encompasses all the physical, psychological, social and financial aspects of working life. Together, these can allow people to perform to their fullest potential, thriving inside and outside the workplace. 

We pride ourselves on having a happy, supportive and productive workplace and looking after our employees’ wellbeing was our top priority during the challenges of 2020.

I am very proud of our wellbeing and workplace support teams who have worked incredibly hard to equip our colleagues with various tools to help manage their health and wellbeing, and particularly for adapting our traditional wellbeing programme to suit a remote workforce facing the huge challenges that COVID19 brought.

From bespoke lockdown mental health courses and our Employee Assistance Programme, to online mindfulness and choir sessions, we’ve really tried to put our employees’ wellbeing at the forefront.

We’re all very proud to have this work recognised by Great Place to Work and we’ll continue to keep wellbeing at the forefront of our unique culture."

Rhian Langham, Head of People Services.

We were named the 4th best super large workplaces (1,000+ employees) in the UK in May 2020, based on feedback from our employees. The results of the 2021 competition will be announced in May.

Great Place to Work is a worldwide consultancy specialising in workplace culture, helping organisations to create exceptional, high performing workplaces where employees feel trusted and valued. Thank you to all our staff for making us a Centre of Excellence in Wellbeing and in particular, those departments that work hard to make this happen.


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