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Harriet’s story: from graduate placement to Admiral Law Project Manager in 2 years

During the final year of her degree at Nottingham University, Harriet secured a placement with Admiral in the Claims department allowing her to change her Law degree to a Law with Finance degree.

‘’Why Claims? Not only did Matthew (Head of Bodily Injury (BI)) advise me that my skills were a good fit for Claims and I’d gain exposure to many areas of the business, but I quickly came to realise that this area is the biggest and most crucial department for Admiral. Claims is an ever-changing, ever-evolving and innovative area which boasts opportunities I just couldn’t turn down.

I completed my first month in the FNOL (first-notification-of-loss) department, where I learned the basics of the claims process and the importance of doing the right thing for the customer.  I was then placed in bodily injury for three months, where I completed business papers for senior management on new and emerging trends and how they would affect Admiral. I also managed my own caseload here.

‘’My degree was such that it allowed me to flourish during my Claims placement; managing and investigating claims means that you must be very thorough, you have to produce a lot of evidence and leave no stone unturned.’’

After BI, I joined the Fraud department, again managing my own claims which were a little more complex and the importance of being comprehensive in your work is ever more important due to the nature of the claims. I also found this area so interesting that I completed my final year university dissertation on this subject, which the department now have.

The Claims department is a very interesting part of the business with some very technical areas to delve into. You have the flexibility and autonomy to run your own cases, make your own decisions and it was also a great department to work for with the team even being ranked in the top ten departments of the whole company in last year’s “Best Companies” survey”

Harriet is now working as a project manager for Admiral Law

‘’Having sourced an external website development agency to redesign and develop both Admiral Law and BDE Law’s websites, I’m currently overseeing both projects, ensuring communication is swift between all parties involved. From being involved in the websites, my role is starting to tip into marketing; I have spent a lot of time learning about digital marketing, a step away from my law background. I’m advising senior management and board level managers about search engine optimisation, pay-per-click schemes and proposing a business strategy for the law firm going forward.

I have enjoyed my time at Admiral so much, the job flexibility in my time of need was excellent and I can’t thank Admiral and my manager enough for being supportive and going above and beyond to accommodate me during a difficult time by providing flexible home working – this greatly assisted with my family being in Solihull and me living in Cardiff.

After I graduated I had a few options in terms of further study and career options, but I chose to stay at Admiral and not go back to Solihull (where I’m originally from) because throughout my time with Admiral I had met some fantastic people and have been exposed to, and worked with, many departments and senior managers around the business. It was a no brainer for me to pursue my career with Admiral, I highly doubt I’d get an opportunity like the one I’ve had here  with any other company.’’



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