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The people behind the promotions: Valva, Executive Recruitment Officer

Valva has only been working for Admiral since June 2016 but with her dedication and hard work, along with her international flare, she has already become a valuable member of the recruitment team.

Having decided that she wanted a change in her life and some international experience, Valva approached our offices in Seville (Admiral Seguros) and asked if she could work for Admiral in Cardiff. Due to Valva’s wealth of experience in HR and the international culture that we encourage at Admiral, it was arranged that she would work for Admiral for the summer.

Valva arrived in Cardiff in June 2016 and worked on a project comparing our recruitment process to Spain’s. After her final presentation, Admiral offered her a full time position in the Cardiff office.

‘’My time in Cardiff was a complete u-turn experience for me, so when I was offered a full time role here I couldn’t reject it.”

‘’My first full time position at Admiral after my summer placement was quite admin heavy, so I kept asking if I could do more to help the team and challenge myself. This paid off as I then started to take care of the Business Development Executive recruitment process, as well as internships.”

‘’That was the starting point of my development, and I have recently been offered the role of Executive Recruitment Officer, which I was over the moon with! In my new role I recruit for the UK as well as for our Operations in France, Spain and Italy.”

We asked Valva what she enjoys about her job and working for Admiral.

What I love the most about my job is having objectives and deadlines that we need to achieve, always with the international ingredient. Career Fairs, trainings, projects... there aren’t two exact days in a row.  There is also a good balance working with Deborah, the Executive Recruitment Manager, as our personalities really complement each other. It’s good to know that your team will be there outside the workplace too.

‘’Definitely I can say that the culture of Admiral was what captivated me. Much more than our entrepreneurial mindset or our ‘always ongoing things’, the spirit of the team is incomparable. The feeling that we all are people with our own needs and the willingness to help each other. There is no fear to speak up, ask for feedback and improve, personally and professionally speaking. I think I made my mark in this company and I can’t see myself working for anyone else. And of course the Ministry of Fun helps!”

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